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Omega 3 Tablets types

Omega-3 in fish is the substance responsible for the production of many substances that maintain the balance of many processes in our body, including:

blood pressure.

body temperature.



the pain.

Blood clotting.


Omega-3 is also a very important supplement for children and infants, because of the important role it plays in the proper growth of the brain (even during the fetal stage of the uterus).

It also plays a role that is equally important for children with learning disabilities, concentration disorders and even behavioral disorders, as increased consumption of omega-3s improves their condition significantly.


Sources of Omega 3 likeافضل اوميغا ٣ آي هيرب٣

The lack of fatty acids omega-3 is one of the fact

or that characterize Western nutrition patterns, and lead to the infection of many diseases, which are known as "diseases of the West," such as:

Heart disease.

brain attack.

Adult Diabetes.

Taking omega-3 fatty acids can prevent inflammation, maintain healthy brain, heart and blood vessels, and strengthen the immune system.